Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dogs Need Toys

Dogs Need Toys

Dogs were originally bred to hunt, yet most of our household pets seldom get the chance to do more than bark at the mail carrier. In order to prevent your pooch from ruining your new stilettos, invest in some fun dog toys!

Toys give your dog the chance to chew, tussle, pull and chase without harming your household. They can save you big money and headaches. Plus, they're fun!

Some dog-toy tips:
  • Look for toys that are the right size for your dog. A big dog can get small toys lodged in its throat, while a small dog may become frustrated at trying to chew or carry a toy that's too big.
  • A young, active dog will likely destroy many toys. Supervise playtimes and take away any toy that begins to fall apart, to prevent swallowing stuffing or other parts. (And take heart -- many dogs get better at preserving their toys as they get older.)
  • One excellent toy is a hard rubber cylinder. To make it more appealing to your dog, fill the inside with broken-up treats or peanut butter (or both!). The dog will have to chew vigorously to get at the yummy things inside, and can stay busy for hours with this.
  • If you have to spend several hours a day away from your dog, wear an old T-shirt for a few hours, long enough for it to get your scent, then place the shirt in the dog's bed before you go away. The dog may chew holes in the shirt, but will find it comforting and pleasant to have your scent around.
  • Keep a few new toys around for days when the weather won't let your dog exercise outside. On those days, the dog's "workout" can involve finding or fetching a toy.
  • Play with your dog every day. It helps keep the dog fit, cements the bond between you and you might find it's a very good stress reliever as well!

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