Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bandit escaped from the house

We just came from church, we were gone for three hours and when we got home I was wondering why bandit wasn't in the living room. He usually be sitting by the door or barking at us by the window but this time he wasn't there. So, I called his name but still no bandit came out to meet me. I looked in the bedroom or in the bathroom to see if he was asleep and just didn't notice us but still no Bandit to be found. I suspected that he was left outside when Larry Jr, my stepson left for church he forgot to let Bandit stay in the house. I called hubby that his gone and escaped and probably roaming around the neighborhood. Hubby told me once he gets home we would drive around the neighborhood and look for him as he was already on hi way back home from work. I couldn't wait for hubby to get home and find Bandit so I walked outside, started in the backyard and started calling bandit, then Nichole followed me then we walked around the backyard into the front house. I heard our neighbors dog barking at something so I walked out to the road hoping that bandit might be there and still calling his name out loud. Then I heard another dog braking which seemed to be Bandit's voice. I was not mistaken it was him in the neighbors yard, he was doing something, I saw him from afar and called him he was wagging his tail and running towards us but there was this high fence in between so we started walking to go around the fence so bandit could find his way out but he was smart enough to be able to find his way out of the fence before we got there. I scolded him, he was a naughty dog today. We went back home while walking on the road to the house , bandit saw this ditch that had a water running and he went there and sit on it to dip himself to cool himself up. I guess he felt so hot. He got dirty, we have to let him stay in the back porch and wait til he dries up before he gets back inside the house. What a day for bandit! Well, at least he wasn't really gone I would freak out if we lose him.

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neal said...

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