Monday, July 28, 2008

Bandit's Scared....

Bandit is always scared of thunder and lightning. Everytime he hears thunder, he started shaking and panting. Last night we had thunder and lightning although it didn't rain in this part of the valley where we live but we could hear the loud noise of the thunder and see the spark of the lightning. Hubby and I opened the window blinds so we could watch the lightning in the sky from our wide window glass. Bandit had been shaking and trembling the whole time so I put a blanket on the couch so he could sit with me and hubby. He knows that he was not allowed to sit on the couch but this time he needs to be closed to us coz he was really scared. He had to wait for our permission if he is allowed to jump on the couch and as soon as I pat my hand on the couch and called his name he jump off right away without any hesitation and hubby and I knew that he loved that. So, Bandit was on the couch laying in the middle where hubby and I sat and patted him every now and then to comfort him to ease his fears from the thunder and lightning. Poor bandit, he couldn't helped himself from shaking and trembling and panting too.

As for Tiger and August they don't care. Tiger was in the living room the whole time and was even so hyper running around the living room. While August was downstair laying down on the couch where she usually stays. August is a loner cat, she always want to be by herself.

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