Monday, July 21, 2008

Bandit's Whining

We went to bed at midnight last night. I was in the middle of dreamland when suddenly I heard bandit whining on the side of the bed where hubby was laying down. It was only 5 am, I waited for awhile because I was too lazy to get up from bed. I knew bandit is telling something that he wanted to go out from the bedroom as he usually stays with us every night in our bedroom. So, I got up from bed and as soon as Bandit knew that I was getting up he started getting hyper, jumping up and down which means that he wants to go out. He does this when he wants to go to the bathroom and so I let him out of the house and he quickly ran to the bushes to go "wewe" and then he ran to the backyard and I knew what he was doing when he went there. He went to "drop a load" which meant he went pooped. I always admire how smart Bandit is, as long as there is somebody in the house he would let us know when he wants to "GO to the Bathroom".

Whenever he gets hyper jumping up and down, whining and sometimes standing by the front door or kitchen door it means "mommy I want to go potty/drop a load".

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